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    Terry Moore

    You might try this question on the APPT Facebook page, too. There’s a possibility that additional people might see it.

    There are three Medicare providers at acpcounseling.com

    Glen Fineman, me, Kate Rist. We are all busy, and a new caller will have to wait a few days or a few weeks to get in.

    I was recently able to hand-off a referral to Pando Geriatrics with no delay. So, a good resource to know.

    I’m not sure why this was done – but I notice now that the membership database appears to no longer include the Medicare or Medicaid search terms. Huh, maybe no one realized that some of us used that function in the past.

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    Terry Moore

    go here: https://apptne.com/forum/general-member-forum/

    click on the subscribe button. That might be the only option.

    If you create a post, you can click the option at the bottom of the page to be notified of follow replies before you click/tap the ‘submit’ button.

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    Terry Moore

    this might be covered at the nasw ne conference in sept.

    keynote speaker will be speaking about ethics in the digital age:


    or maybe some answers here: https://personcenteredtech.com/2016/04/29/ethically-generate-abundant-referrals-practice-2016-turn-googles-updates-best-referral-source/

    that said, I think that if I were doing a newsletter through one of these services, it would have to be ‘opt-in’ only. Let people sign up through your website, current clients could be told about the newsletter, and could sign up while in for a session.

    Past clients, I think, could be sent an email once, with a sample newsletter attached, or linked in the email….. with an invitation to sign up. then the mail chimp or constant contact link included. some will open but not respond, others might. and….. there should always be a simple way to unsubscribe, so that it is transparent that they can reverse the decision. of course, be clear that you will not sell or rent your list to another vendor or enterprise…..

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    Terry Moore

    Back in 1986, when I started in private practice, everybody kept counseling files for 7 years. I don’t think anybody knew where the number came from. Nonetheless, it felt like a community standard for a long time.

    Since I’m on the lmhp board I happen to know that there is a draft set of regulations winding slowly through the department of Health that may eventually get a public hearing and might eventually be accepted as an approved update to the standards that we operate under now. The current regulations for licensed mental health practitioners does not include any mention of the length of time one should retain records at all.

    The draft regulation suggest keeping records for 5 years after the completion of services. It does not make a distinction between adults and children. I think it likely that these regulations will make it through the regulatory approval process so you might conside it as a benchmark.

    I recall that the draft regulations also ask that the professional make a record of destroyed records, and that that information about what records were destroyed be retained for another 10 years.

    But wait, there’s more. Licensed clinical social workers who are Medicare providers apparently are advised to retain records for a minimum of six years. I recall finding that tidbit buried somewhere on the center for Medicare services website a couple of years ago when I was doing some research on the topic.

    But wait, there’s even more. I understand that there is a set of draft regulations for Medicaid providers now similarly winding its way through the regulatory process. I seem to recall record retention numbers in those regulations as asking Medicaid providers to retain records for 7 years.

    So, one might easily say that if you see a mix of cases overtime that might include Medicaid policy holders, seven years might be the number to shoot for. But at this point it’s all unofficial.

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    Terry Moore

    Is the fellow from Burwell wanting services in his community – or in Omaha – or is he open to telehealth?

    The other client might do well with one of my office-mates, Kate Rist, LICSW


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    Terry Moore

    I didn’t get a request.

    You should get out your provider agreement. There probably is a provision in there that says you must comply with audits. But confirm that.

    48 hours seems onerous. What if you were at a conference, or vacationing, or ill?

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    Terry Moore

    I didn’t get it either. Turns out if you google ‘relationship between United Healthcare, Optum, and UMR’ – you’ll have the answer.

    There’s a wikipedia article on the United Health Group. Apparently a ginormous company that would hate Medicare for all. Optum is a subsidiary that provides service such as pharmacy benefits.

    UMR, I gather, processes claims.

    Gee, one-stop shopping, and huge control over a segment of the market. What could go wrong?

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