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      treatment study for postpartum OCD

      01/28/2019 10:28 AM

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      Terry Moore

      The Mount Sinai OCD and Related Disorders Program would like to make you aware of a treatment study that may

      be helpful for women suffering from post-partum OCD (PP-OCD). We are conducting a study on web-based

      treatment for post-partum women with OCD, where new mothers can engage in the gold standard treatment for

      OCD (a form of cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT called exposure and response prevention or ERP) via web

      camera from the comfort of their home.

      New mothers will receive individual web-based-ERP with a live licensed clinical psychologist specializing in

      OCD. Treatment will include 60-minute sessions twice weekly for 8 weeks. Sessions are of no cost to the patient.

      As you know, OCD is a psychiatric condition characterized by recurrent, intrusive, and distressing thoughts, images,

      or impulses (obsessions) and repetitive mental or behavioral acts that the individual feels driven to perform

      (compulsions) to prevent or reduce distress. The perinatal period is a common point of onset or flare-up for many

      women with OCD, a disorder that produces substantial impairment in social, family, and work functioning. Despite

      its efficacy, ERP is not available to new mothers who are unable to leave home for prolonged periods of time due to

      their responsibility to care for their infant and the physical and emotional toll of childbirth (i.e. the “fourth

      trimester” ). Researchers have documented the efficacy of web-based ERP with children, adolescents and adults.

      No existing studies have specifically examined the use of web based ERP among postpartum women, a

      subpopulation with limited ability to access to specialized, evidence based treatment for OCD. Therefore, the present

      study aims to fill a gap in the research literature by examining the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of


      based ERP for women with PP-OCD.

      I invite your patients to contact me for more information about this treatment study and for a confidential phone

      screening to determine eligibility: (212) 659- 9102 or email

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