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      01/07/2019 1:38 PM

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      Scarlett K. Shockley

      Records Fee

      I am a little dumbfounded. I recently requested and received records from UNMC on a client that has medical issues. Our APRN and I wanted to know what exactly she was diagnosed with and how serious her illness is, as this client can be somatic at times. Along the with the records, came a bill for $52.31! Although I realize it is legal for them to charge this, I have never been charged by another provider for records. (52 pages of records, most of which were lab results) Anyone else have this experience?

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      01/08/2019 12:42 AM

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      Lisa Merrifield

      Never! I wonder if they could not have sent the information electronically for a lesser charge. I hope that this is not to become the new norm.


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