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      Contracting to be a Tricare for Life provide
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      01/10/2019 2:00 PM

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      Vicki Holoubeck

      Was wondering if other LIMHP’s that are not LCSW’s are Tricare for Life providers. Years ago a provider relations

      person from Tricare for life told me if I was not a medicare provider (which cant be because am not PHD or LCSW) that I can

      not be a Tricare for Life provider. Others have told me that they have gotten paid. What is other peoples experience with

      01/11/2019 2:04 PM

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      Dr. Roger Aveyard

      Hi Vicki:

      Not sure about Tricare for Life, but for your information a PHD is not the most important credential for getting

      accepted by Tricare, Medicare or Medicaid. It is the License that matters. I have a PHD but I am paid as an LIMHP by

      everyone. A lot of people look at reimbursement schedules and believe that they can get reimbursement as a PHD if they have

      one, but only if they have a Clinical Psychologist license. A long time ago Social Workers and Clinical psychologists

      lobbied Congress for reimbursement for all of these programs, to the exclusion of other professionals similarly trained but

      not licensed as those professionals. Therefore a Bachelors Degree social worker with a social work license can become a

      Medicare provider, but not a PHD in, for example, Educational Psychology, like me. I once applied to Medicare to become a

      Medicare provider and was denied. I appealed that decision to an administrative judge, who told Medicare that it would have

      to prove that I was not qualified to be a Medicare provider, based on my education and experience. I waited for the

      approval, only to receive a letter from a different administrative judge who over-ruled the first judge, who apparently had

      been dismissed. He said I was not qualified! Politics!!
      01/25/2019 10:48 AM

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      Vicki Holoubeck

      Thank you Roger. I know, it is always confusing. That is why I was asking. People have told me you can be a provider

      for Medicare because are an LIMHP and that is not true, you have to have a masters in Social work. Mine is in Clinical

      psychology and they wont blink at me. I have heard that Tricare for Life is different than Medicare rules, but I was under

      the impression they followed the same as Medicare

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