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      I have been trying for 4 years now to access the BCBS Reimbursement rate schedule, without success, via our friend, Navinet. I have spent well over 5 hours, and a multitude of phone calls, in the effort. I give up!
      Could anybody provide me with the new, upcoming Jul1, BCBS rate schedule? In particular, for 90837, 90834, and 90791.

      Better yet, could somebody do that on a regular basis, via APPT? Thanks much for your help.

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      Same here. I even called Navinet to gain access & now I can see more in my PRACTICE DOCUMENTS, but none are the BCBS Fee schedule & a search doesn’t pull it up either.

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      Cole Johnson

      I recently got credentialed with BCBS and need to get the fees. I don’t know if mine is the same as yours, but I just sent an email to ProviderExecs@nebraskablue.com with my name and NPI asking for the new fee schedule and I got a reply with an excel file with all the info I could want. I can’t upload files here, if bet if you send them an email you will get a reply. Hope this helps!

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      I recently received reimbursement for some 90837’s. The new reimbursement rate for 90837, as of 7/1/20, is $151.88. I still don’t know what the rates are for 90791 or 90834. If anyone knows, we would all appreciate your response.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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