The Association of Private Practice Therapists (APPT) is a multi-disciplinary group of mental health professionals in Nebraska. The organization provides a forum for the exchange of practice management information and the development of advocacy plans for mental health practitioners and consumers.

Built to influence.

Legal Support

Free Legal Support From One of Omaha’s Top Law Firms. Every traditional APPT member receives a free hour of consultation with an attorney from the firm of Erickson & Sederstrom. Perfect when you need to handle a difficult subpoena, get legal input on new consent forms, enter into a new office lease….the possibilities are endless, and the peace of mind is priceless. Members also receive discounted rates on further legal services.

Continuing Education

APPT offers periodic conferences and Lunch & Learns with the sole purpose of enriching our members’ clinical skills while also exposing them to topics relevant to practice management. We want our members to have the opportunity to increase their practice income and to run their practice as efficiently as possible. Toward this end, we also offer professional development opportunities in both Lincoln and Omaha. These presentations focus on practice management issues, community resources for therapists or clients, and clinical information. They are also great opportunities to network with colleagues!

Legislative Information & Support

Mental health providers know how important it is to stay current on legislation that could affect their livelihood and the well-being of their clients. This is especially true for private-practice therapists, who have sometimes been overlooked even within their own professional organizations. Finally, you have a voice via the advocacy work of APPT.

Membership Directory

Members are featured in our APPT Membership Directory, which is updated continually and always available to our 200+ members. The Directory is frequently used for referrals and networking, as you can be cross-listed by up to three specialties as well as location.

Resource Sharing

As the adage goes, resource sharing is caring. We all benefit from the sharing of articles, videos, books, knowledge, and expertise.

Our curated list of resources is available to our members.

Networking Connections

Most of the time, it’s great being your own boss. But private practice can be lonely. Even if you’re part of a group, you know that connections with other therapists can help you be more creative in your work with clients and more effective in your problem-solving as a business owner. APPT’s networking events are always popular…sometimes it’s a Husker football viewing party, other times it’s an evening out with colleagues and spouses, and now and then we even have a Practice Crawl involving a progressive open house at multiple practices!


​​Awesome socials and networking opportunities!

Peer Consultation

Our members are invited to consult with other mental health professionals via our online, interactive forums. Members are also able to meet in person with like-minded peers who can provide knowledgeable input on those difficult cases.

Information and Ideas

Your membership also entitles you 24-hour access to our online forums, which are active and ongoing discussion groups where therapists can ask questions, promote upcoming offerings, solicit referral ideas, and offer support to their peers.